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Episode 21 – Sat1’s Kaspar Pflüger & DWDL’s Thomas Lückerath

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Episode 20 – TV format expert Nathalie Wogue & Broadcast magazine’s Jesse Whittock

Episode 19 – Coronation Street’s Iain MacLeod & Neighbours’ Jason Herbison

Episode 18 – Facebook’s Toby Faulkner & Barcroft Studios’ Sam Barcroft

Episode 17 – Woodcut Media’s Derren Lawford & Drive’s Ben Barrett

Episode 16 – Zig Zag Productions’ Danny Fenton & PACT’s John McVay

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Episode 2 – A+E Networks UK VP of Programming Dan Korn & media commentator Kate Bulkley

In episode 2 of TellyCast A+E Networks UK VP of Programming Dan Korn and media commentator and journalist Kate Bulkley give their thoughts on the week’s TV industry news. And we’ll find out who their Heroes of the Week are – and who’ll they be telling to Get in the Bin! Deadline’s Peter White joins…

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Episode 1 – Edinburgh TV Festival’s Stewart Clarke & Broadcast magazine’s Editor in Chief Chris Curtis

Hi, I’m Justin Crosby and welcome to the very first episode of TellyCast – The TV Industry News Review. Every week on TellyCast I’ll be speaking to the movers & shakers in the international TV industry.  Producers, commissioners, distributors and industry bodies – the names behind some of the biggest hits in TV.  And I’ll…

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Welcome to TellyCast – the TV industry news review

TellyCast – the TV industry news review is your new unmissable podcast that keeps you up to date on the week’s biggest international TV industry news, presented by founder of Boom! PR, Justin Crosby.Each week, Justin will be joined by the leading movers and shakers from the international TV business and the most influential TV…

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